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To Our Visitors

CheeseHi there! We’re Doug and Krista Dittman, owners of Branched Oak Farm. We operate a family farm with the help of our sons, Nelson and Andreas.
As the stewards of this 230-acre dairy farm located just 15 miles north of Lincoln, Nebraska, we’re committed to preserving the land and creating farmstead products that are healthy and wholesome, free of chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones.
We take pride in knowing that our products are made with sustainable, certified organic methods, and with a positive impact on the environment.
Thank you for your interest in Branched Oak Farm. We hope you get the chance to sample some of our products and to stop by and see the farm.

Eat well, be well,
Doug & Krista


Farm Story

Branched Oak Farm, tucked away in the hills of eastern Nebraska known as the Bohemian Alps, started when Doug set up shop on his own in 1991. After he married Krista and she moved with him to the farm in 1999, they began raising grass-fed beef and free-range chickens.
It wasn't long before the folks already buying chickens, eggs and beef asked for milk. This led Doug and Krista to buy some Jerseys, build a dairy facility, and start milking. But it didn’t stop there. After some discussion with their friends, Charuth and Kevin Loth, they decided to join forces and start making cheese. Charuth had goats and would produce goat cheese under another label, ShadowBrook Farm’s Dutch Girl Creamery, and Krista would produce cow milk cheese under the Branched Oak Farm name. Through this collaboration came Krista and Charuth’s own corporation – Farmstead First.
Fast-forward to 2009 and Branched Oak Farm is now a fully functioning, certified-organic, grass-based dairy specializing in creating farmstead cheeses.